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Books Recommended by the Instructors of the College of Prayer

From the Fall 1999 Module in Regina with David Bryant

Messengers of Hope, David Bryant, (Baker Books, 1997) - "We live in a nation desperate for messengers of hope. God-given revival is the true bridge of hope into a twenty-first century more power-filled and Christ-centered than any of us can even imagine."

Stand in the Gap, David Bryant, (Regal Books, 1997) - Filled with pertinent information on the worldwide prayer movement, this book is a timely wake-up call and an exciting journey of discovery.

How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit, Armin Gesswein, (Christian Publications, 1999) - The goal of this book is to explain in simple terms how individual believers may receive the Holy Spirit to fill and empower them.

Possessing the Gates of the Enemy, Cindy Jacobs, (Chosen Books, 1994) - A new generation of intercessors . . . is on the move worldwide, "invading" countries, covering them with prayer and engaging in spiritual warfare. This book of strategy guides everyone who wants to join the battle.

Taking our Cities for God, John Dawson, (Creation House, 1990) - Our cities are the keys to winning the world for Christ. They are encumbered by staggering problems and opposed by cosmic spiritual forces, yet these vast urban centres hold millions of people whom God loves.

From the Winter 2000 Module in Saskatoon with Rev. Alistair Petrie

Commitment to Conquer, Bob Beckett. (Revell Books, 1997) - Do not go into battle without a proven battle plan. It is not that we lack the power, what we often lack is a plan and that is what Pastor Bob Beckett provides in this eye-opening resource for anyone wanting to make an impact on their community for Christ.

Informed Intercession, George Otis Jr., (Renew, 1999) - Unleash the transforming power of God through informed intercession. This book is a distillation of George Otis' observations of many transformed communities that, if applied in faith, can produce simple results in your own neighborhood.

Twilight Labyrinth, George Otis Jr. (Revell Books, 1997) - "George Otis Jr. knows more about the darkness of witchcraft, about demonic strongholds where Satan focusses his prime forces than any man I know. But he has experienced and speaks about the love of God for peoples enslaved by darkness. He speaks with passionate intensity - the passion of a prophet and the intensity of an evangelist." John White

From the Spring 2000 Module in Toronto

Answering God, Eugene Peterson, (Harper Row, 1989) - Eugene Peterson speaks to Christians who realize the necessity for prayer and yearn for it but who find their prayer unconvincing and unsatisfying. Addressing the causes of this dissatisfaction, this book offers guidelines for using the Psalms as dynamic tools for prayer.

Daring to Draw Near, John White (InterVarsity Press, 1977) - What better way to learn about praying than to look at the prayers in the Bible. In these we learn about the God to whom we pray - the One who desires communication with us, the One who takes the initiative.

Desiring God, John Piper (Multnomah Books, 1996) - Scripture reveals that the great business of life is to glorify God by enjoying Him forever. In this paradigm-shattering work, John Piper reveals that the debate between duty and delight doesn't truly exist: Delight is our duty. John Piper stuns you again and again with life-impacting truths you saw in the Bible, but never dared to believe.

A Hunger for God, John Piper (Crossway Books, 1997) - Our appetites dictate the direction of our lives - whether it be the cravings of our stomachs, the passionate desire for possessions or power, or the longing of our spirits for God. But for the Christian, the hunger for anything besides God can be an archenemy, while our hunger for God - and Him alone - is the only thing that will bring victory.

Space for God, Don Postema (CRC Publications, 1997) - In these hectic times, we long to create space for God in our lives. This book offers us a way to live gracefully in the presence of God. Through devotional reflections and readings, art, meditation and prayer, it provides a joyous guide for spiritual living.

From the Fall 2000 Module in Regina with Jacqueline Dugas

The Transforming Power of Prayer: Deepening Your Friendship With God, James Houston, (NavPress, 1996) - We tend to view prayer as a rigorous discipline or a required spiritual exercise. Houston wants us to see that prayer is simply keeping company with God.

A Call to Spiritual Reformation: Priorities From Paul and His Prayers, D. A. Carson, (Baker Book House, 1992) - God does not demand hectic church programs and frenetic schedules; he only wants His people to know Him more intimately. The apostle Paul found that spiritual closeness only in his fellowship with the Father. This book investigates the Epistles to see what lessons Paul taught in his "school of prayer."

Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home, by Richard Foster. (Harper Collins, 1992) - This is a warm, compelling and sensitive primer on prayer, helping us understand, experience and practice prayer in its many forms.

From the Winter 2001 Module in Vancouver with Dr. Wesley Duewel

Ablaze for God, Wesley Duewel (Zondervan, 1989) - A book to challenge all Christians, especially Christian workers and lay leaders, to a life and service Spirit-filled, Spirit-empowered and mightily used by God.

Mighty Prevailing Prayer, Wesley Duewel (Zondervan, 1990) - Let the Spirit use this powerful volume to make your intercession mighty before God. It is a guide to intensified intercession and prayer warfare.

Touch the World Through Prayer, Wesley Duewel, (Zondervan, 1986 ) - a challenging, readable manual on prayer that has been used by God to revitalize the prayer lives of thousands.

From the Spring 2001 Module in Saskatoon with Dr. Henry Blackaby

The Power of the Call, Blackaby & Brandt, (Broadman & Holman, 1997) - God Himself is the power in the pastor and Christian leader's call. Pastors spend their days - and often their nights - ministering to other. But who ministers to pastors? God does.

Spiritual Leadership, Blackaby, (Broadman & Holman, 2001) -"What is it about your leadership that makes others not want to follow you?" The authors challenge us, "What is at the center of your motivation and what, if anything, is your guidance system?" They clearly send the message that no matter how brilliant our leadership theories may be, how well read on the subject we all are, how articulate we may be on the subject of leadership and no matter how well intended our leadership efforts may be, if our leadership is not lead by the Holy Spirit and we as leaders don't ask for his guidance in our roles as leaders...we simply will fall short of where we could be.

The Pursuit of God, A.W. Tozer, (Christian Literature Crusade, 1948) - This masterly study of the inner life comes from a heart thirsting after God, eager to grasp at least the outskirts of His ways, the abyss of His love for sinners and the height of His unapproachable majesty.

Approved unto God, Oswald Chambers, (Christian Literature Crusade, 1997) - Much more than a course on how to prepare and deliver Bible messages, these lectures reveal Chambers' heart concerning what it means to be a worker for God. He anchors our Christian service in "nothing but overwhelming, absorbing love to the Person of Jesus Christ."

The Believer's Daily Renewal, Andrew Murray [Original title: The inner chamber and the inner life] Bethany House Publishers, Minneapolis, MN 1981. - Here are thirty-five devotional readings on the Christian life, by the most enduring of all devotional writers.

Humility, Andrew Murray, (Whitaker House, 1982) - If Jesus is indeed to be our example in His humility, we need to understand the principles in which it is rooted. We need to find the common ground on which we stand with Him and in which our likeness to Him is to be attained.

Touch the World Through Prayer, Wesley Duewel (Zondervan Publishing House, 1986) - This book explains how every Christian can pray for the missionaries, church leaders and political leaders in countries around the globe. Dr. Duewel gives specific Bible promises that we can claim in these intercessory prayers.

Prayer, O. Hallesby, (Augsburg Publishing House, 1959) - A world-famous classic to deepen and enrich your prayer life.

Revival - A People Saturated With God, (Brian Edwards, Presbyterian & Reformed, 1990) - Three aspects of revival, before, during, and after revival, the revivals in the Bible and in the world are discussed. Intent of the book is to create a heart longing for revival.

Revival, Richard Owen Roberts, (2nd ed. Richard Owen Roberts Publishers, 1991) - "Roberts includes historical information on revival, as well as practical guidance in making the effects of revival endure. Written for all those concerned about their spiritual condition, this book is a clarion call for God's Spirit to move upon his people."

Why Revival Tarries, Leonard Ravenhill, (Bethany House, 1959) - Appalled by the disparity between the New Testament Church and what passes for the Church today, the book gives a no-compromise call to the principles of biblical revival.

From the Fall 2001 Module in Calgary AB

How To Pray, R. A. Torrey, (Moody Press, ISBN 0802437095). - It is essential that we comprehend God's methods of hearing and answering prayer. R. A. Torrey shares spiritual guidelines to prayer including prayer and obedience, praying in the Spirit, praying according to God's will and much more.

Prayer: Asking & Receiving, John R. Rice, (ISBN 0873986555). - Dr. Rice opens the Bible to help believers better understand prayer and develop a relationship with their Lord.

Mighty Prevailing Prayer, Wesley L. Duewel, (Zondervan). - This book is a biblically sound exposition of prevailing prayer and practical suggestions on ways to prevail in prayer. The serious student of the prayer life will find this a lifetime manual referred to many times.

Rees Howells: Intercessor, Norman P. Grubb, (ISBN 0875081886). - Rees Howells was peculiarly taught by God, one who learned the Bible as the Spirit made him live it. He progressed in faith until world events were affected by his prayers.

Andrew Murray, Dr. William Linder Jr., (ISBN 1556616708). - Born in South Africa, Andrew Murray left a spiritual legacy through his books. His solidly biblical theology and fiery spiritual life made him a driving force behind the revivals of his day and a model of faithfulness for ours.

With Christ in the School of Prayer, Andrew Murray, (Whitaker House, ISBN 0883681064), or an alternate title for this book:

The Believer's School of Prayer, Andrew Murray, (Bethany House Pub.,1982). - This gentle, but authoritative teacher will lead you all the way to the zenith of prayer experience: prayer as a way of life.

From the Fall 2003 Module in Prince George BC with Dr. T. V. Thomas

A Hunger for God: Desiring God Through Fasting and Prayer by John Piper (Wheaton IL: Crossway Books, 1997; ISBN 0-89107-966-1). - Pastor-scholar John Piper invites the reader to sharpen his or her appetite for God by turning away from the dulling effects of food and the dangers of idolatry and draw closer to God through simple fasting with accompanying prayer.

Biblical Meditation for Spiritual Breakthrough by Elmer L. Towns (Ventura CA: Regal Books, 1998; ISBN 0-8307-2360). - Towns shows readers that Christian meditation is not about methods, positions, mantras, formulas or false religions; rather, it is a dynamic process designed to help change one's thought life and encourage growth in character and service.

Celebration of Disciple: The Path to Spiritual Growth by Richard J. Foster - (San Francisco CA: Harper Collins, 1998; ISBN 0-06-062839-1). - Foster's book explains the disciplines people must cultivate in order to achieve spiritual depth. In succinct, urgent, and sometimes humorous chapters, Foster defines a broad range of classic spiritual disciplines in terms that are lucid without being too limiting and offers advice that's practical without being overly prescriptive.

From the Spring 2002 Module in Scarborough Ontario with Dr. Alvin Vander Griend

A Life of Prayer, Paul Cedar, Word. 239 pp. Each chapter is a self-study course on life-altering topics such as; taking the proper posture for prayer, promoting the Lord's agenda for your life through prayer, claiming God's promises through prayer, delighting in the praise and worship of prayer, and recognizing the unlimited potential and power of prayer.

Prayer, Oren Hallesby, Augsburg, 176 pp.- It will clear your mind about your need for prayer and strengthen your will to do it. Beyond all that, it will simply flood your soul with goodness and love of God!

The Transforming Power of Prayer, James Houston, Nav Press, 312 pp.- We tend to view prayer as a rigorous discipline or a required spiritual exercise. Houston wants us to see that prayer is simply keeping company with God.

I'm Gonna Let it Shine, Jim Montgomery, Wm. Carey Library, 153 pp. This delightful new book by veteran strategist shows in simple but powerful chapters how to love your neighbours and show them the way to eternal life.

The Ministry of Intercession, Andrew Murray, Bethany House, 155 pp. This book will inspire and energize your times alone with God. It is a renowned classic with a timeless message of encouragement and inspiration. It not only strengthens our own faith, but it enables us to intercede for others with tremendous results.

Intercessory Prayer, Dutch Sheets, Regal, 262 pp. Sheets explains the nuts and bolts of prayer with wisdom, gentleness and humour. His biblical insight and depth of revelation will inspire you and give you the courage to pray for the "impossible" and help you find the persistence to see your prayers to completion.

Developing a Prayer-Care-Share Lifestyle, Alvin Vander Griend (ed.), Hope Ministries. 209 pp (available from 800-217-5200 US only) Discover how prayer can powerfully change your life and your neighbourhood.

From the Fall 2002 Modules in Bramalea Ontario & Calgary Alberta with K. Neill Foster

Sorting out the Supernatural, Dr. K. Neill Foster, Christian Publications, ISBN 0-87509-867-3. If It Happens in Church is it Always of God? The need to ask such a question is the essence of Sorting Out the Supernatural. This book is an exploratory, non-exhaustive look at the contemporary components of Judeo-Christian life and practice - prophecy, tongues-speaking, revelation, signs and wonders, healing, deliverance, providences, falling and more. Liberally sprinkled with both historical and contemporary illustrations, these pages provide thought-provoking insight for our times. "Neill Foster addresses the confusion of the current debates and [offers] guidelines for discerning the ways of God. This is a book Christians must take seriously." -- Dr. Paul G. Hiebert, Professor, Mission and Anthropology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Binding & Loosing, Dr. K. Neill Foster, Christian Publications, ISBN 0-87509-852-5. Very little is written about binding and loosing, though it is referred to numerous times in Scripture. Binding and Loosing engages those references under such topics as: Jewish Concepts of Binding and Loosing; Binding, Loosing and Prayer Walks; Loosing as Forgiveness; Binding, Loosing and Politics; Binding and Loosing-False and True; a total of 27 chapters plus four appendices, bibliography, subject and Scripture indexes. Combined with compelling illustrations and first-person accounts from around the world, Binding and Loosing provides practical and eye-opening revelations into the authority of the believer to wage war-and win.

Prayer Voices, H. Robert Cowles & Dr. K. Neill Foster, Christian Publications, ISBN 0-87509-677-8. This popular theology of prayer aligns itself with the renewed prayer emphasis sweeping the land. Titles include: "Prayer Is More Than Asking," "Prayer for Healing," "Prayer and the Second Coming," "Fasting, the Delightful Discipline" and more.

A Believer With Authority, The Life of J.A. MacMillan, Paul King, CPI Publications

The Authority of The Believer, J.A. MacMillan, CPI Publications

Power Through Prayer, E.M. Bounds, Zondervan

A Hunger For God: Desiring God Through Fasting and Prayer, John Piper, Crossway Books