Mentoring followers of Jesus Christ who will reach a lost world through a revived church

The group in Brampton Fall 2002

College of Prayer modules typically run from Monday evening at 7 pm to Thursday noon or Thursday evening at 7 pm to Sunday noon. They are open to all believers and are designed to develop strategies and tools which will enable the participants to mobilize prayer in their churches and communities. These modules are guided by the Alliance Pray Team which has a national perspective. The modules are usually hosted in a local church and are lead by experienced leaders.

Ignite Prayer weekend sessions are designed to assist the local church participants to deepen their passionate spirituality in the area of prayer and revival. These workshops typically run from Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. to Saturday at 5:30 p.m. and are hosted by a local pastoral staff and congregation and guided by an approved facilitator. more...

The information on this web site will assist you as you choose either a College of Prayer module or an Ignite Prayer weekend. If you are a pastor who would like to bring an Ignite Prayer weekend to your church, please contact us to talk with a team member.