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Registration Details

1. Fill in the registration form for the module you wish to attend:

(When scheduled, the forms will be listed here.)

2. Send the completed registration form with registration fee to the Registrar at

Registrar, College of Prayer Canada
38 Hoeschen Cres
Saskatoon SK S7J 2T1

3. Check the reading list which will be provided for each module. The reading is recommended but not required unless you are taking the module for credit.

4. If you require more information, be sure to contact us.

NOTE: If you wish to take a module for credit, please follow these steps:

1. Check to see if the module can be taken for credit. If it is eligible, it will be listed here.

2. Register with Alliance University College (Canadian Bible College/ Canadian Theological Seminary). For more information, please call the AUC registrar's office at 403-410-2905, by email ( or visit their web-site at

3. Once you have registered with AUC, AUC will charge you the fee for three credits and will issue you a receipt. You will NOT be charged an additional registration fee for College of Prayer either by AUC or by College of Prayer, however, you must also register with College of Prayer so that we can prepare the necessary materials for you.

4. When College of Prayer receives your registration details, we will contact you by email to give you additional information. Please respond to this email to confirm your attendance.