Mentoring followers of Jesus Christ who will reach a lost world through a revived church
"Each College of Prayer module further unfolds and confirms our original vision of revival --specifically, and what is more important, authentic Biblical revival, where the Church and the churches are the master plan and the centerpiece of the action of the Holy Spirit."
- Armin Gesswein
Armin Gesswein
"God moves as we pray, and we are in great need of God moving. In their personal lives Christians are facing problems that are intractable from a human standpoint. Culturally there is a hunger for God but little knowledge. Prayer can change these things. We need a movement of prayer, and to that end God has raised up the College of Prayer. Not limited to one group or perspective, it calls God's people to come from every corner to learn prayer and to begin a life of prayer. Thus it is a key component of our hope for a spiritual awakening in Canada."
- Dr. Franklin Pyles, former President, Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada
"The College of Prayer could well be the missing strategy to equip a new generation of Christian leaders with the same yearning desire in their hearts as one of the disciples of Jesus who requested, `Lord, teach us to pray.' I believe this is a Spirit-directed innovation.
-Dr. T.V. Thomas, Director, Centre for Evangelism & World Mission
T. V. Thomas
"The concept of a `College of Prayer' arose in response to the desperate need we have for spiritual renewal and revival in Canada. The `College' is an exciting initiative which seeks to launch a movement of prayer amongst the current and future leadership of the Church. It was an honour for CBC/CTS to host the inaugural offering of the `College of Prayer' in Canada because we believe the prayer movement it envisions is the key to an outpouring of God's Spirit on the Church in Canada and beyond."
Dr. George M. Durance, former President, Alliance University College
"More than anything else I find that pastors and Christian leaders are longing for authenticity in their spiritual life and interpersonal relationships. This is what the College of Prayer is all about."
- Rev. Fred Hartley, Lilburn Alliance Church, Atlanta, Georgia