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Session Titles and Topics
Spring 2005
Calgary AB

Item #113

"Transforming Your Life, Church and Community"
Spring 2004
Calgary AB

Item #112

"Kingdom vs kingdom: the Lord and His Prayer"
Kingdoms in Conflict--The Prayer Ministry of the Church
Kingdom Come
Our Daily Bread
Discerning God's Will
Stand Your Ground
Concert of Prayer
Prayer, the Spirit & Revival
Fall 2003
Prince George BC

Item #111

Introduction to Fasting, Meditation & Prayer
Biblical Fasting (Part 1, 2 & 3)
Ascending in Prayer: Seven Major Levels
Biblical Meditation (Part 1, 2 & 3)
Concluding Message
Fall 2002
Brampton ON
Calgary AB

Item #110

"Binding & Loosing"
Historical Background of Binding & Loosing
The Authority of the Believer
The Believer's Completeness in Christ
Missiological Perspective
The Peter Perspective
The Disciple's Perspective
The Power of Prayer (Concert of Prayer)
The Glory of God
May 2002
Scarborough ON

Item #109

A Prayer Walk Thru the Bible
The Practices of Prayer in the New Testament Church
The Apostle Paul's Teaching on Prayer
Prayer is for Intimacy with God
Prayer is for Enrichment from God
Prayer is for Partnership with God
Leading Your Church to Vibrant Prayer
Prayer is For Worship of God
Personal Devotional Life
Light Your World - Introduction to Lighthouse
February 2002
Surrey BC

Item #108

"Prayer, Fasting & Meditation - Introduction"
"Biblical Prayer: Why Pray?"
"Biblical Prayer: To Whom Should We Pray?"
"Biblical Fasting: Introduction"
"Biblical Fasting: Spiritual Benefits of Fasting"
"Biblical Fasting: How Long Should I Fast?"
"Biblical Fasting: Factors During a Fast"
"Biblical Meditation: What It Is and Is Not"
"Biblical Meditation: Definitions of Biblical Meditation"
Fall 2001 Module
Calgary AB

Item #107

"Learning the Language of Prayer"
"Cultivating a Life of Prayer"
"The Character & Nature of God"
"Praying Through"
"Burden of God in Prayer"
"Brokenness: a Life Long Process"
Question & Answer with Gerhard and Dr. Arnold Cook
"Life of Intercessory Prayer"
"Prayer of Faith"
Spring 2001 Module
Saskatoon SK

Item #106

"Pastor as Spiritual Leader" Intro
"Radically God-Centered"
"Ministering to the Lord"
"Pastor as Spiritual Leader"
"Spiritual Watchman"
"Spiritual Leader in the Family"
"The Spiritual Leader's Prayer Life"
Concert of Prayer "O Canada"
"Processing the Encounter With God"
Winter 2001 Module
Vancouver BC

Item #105

"Prevailing Prayer"
"Purposes of Intercession"
"Levels of Intercession"
"Knocking on Heaven's Door"
"The Discipline of Fasting"
"The Prayer Burden'
"Varieties of Prayer Burden'
Concert of Prayer: "Militant Prayer"
"Keys to the Kingdom"
Fall 2000 Module
Regina SK

Item #104

"Why Pray?"
"Prayer is a Journey"
"Distinct Marks of Christian Prayer"
"The Call to the Harvest"
Concert of Prayer, Testimonies from the Module
Spring 2000 Module

Item #103

"The Christian Leader: the Word and Prayer"
"Senseless Shepherds"
"Prayer: Response to Divine Initiative"
"Praying Through the Scriptures"
"Imagination, Image & Story"
"Putting It All Together", "Revival"
Concert of Prayer, Testimonies from the Module
Winter 2000 Module
Saskatoon SK

Item #102

"Lifting the Veil, Praying for Our Cities"
"The Ingredients for Transforming Communities"
Concert of Prayer: "Praying Through the 6 Doorways of the City"
Fall 1999 Module
Regina SK

Item #101

"Lord, Teach Us to Pray" (2 CDs)
"Messengers of Hope" (5 CDs:)
"What is the Heart of Prayer"
"How to Get Reality into Your Prayers"
"How Do We Get a Movement of Prayer Mobilized"

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